Year-End Maintenance

It’s that part of the year when the service engineers are very busy trying to get the equipment back in shape and trying to get the maintenance done for the equipment. Although United Surface Prep is known for their wide range of industrial abrasive tools, accessories, parts and equipment, they also offer services that add value to the company. Some of the value added services include troubleshooting, inspection service, equipment shifting, repairs, and modification.
The routine inspection prevents reblast issues and costly machine repairs, and more importantly can minimize the machine downtime. This makes the blast process more efficient and ensures higher quality blasting of parts. United Surface Prep provides customers with a thorough evaluation following each inspection and at the request of the customer, provides labor and part quotes.
Service crews from United Surface Prep are out in the field, trying to get the equipment back in shape and also trying to get the maintenance done. This is because a lot of foundry customers, as well as the fabricators, have planned shutdowns for maintenance. Also, United Surface Preparation forecasts a strong start to 2015.
United Surface Prep tailors the preventive maintenance program specifically to meet the needs of the company, although most of the preventive maintenance are done quarterly. When more preventive maintenance is performed there is usually less the downtime or reactive failures. They also have planned maintenance shutdowns during the week of July 4th and the week between Christmas and the New Year.
Whether you need preventative maintenance or a full refurbishment, United Surface Prep is qualified to perform the services for you. It’s unique and comprehensive network of support can handle a multitude of projects to meet your needs.

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