We Put Value in our Services

What’s one word we hope is always associated with United Surface Prep? Value. Specifically, we strive to be known not just for the quality of our work, but for the value-added services we provide to all of our customers.
Not only do our staff and specialists pair you up with the correct pieces of equipment for your particular application, but they also become a partner throughout the entire process. We don’t want to be a firm known just for selling and supplying the tools you use; instead, we want to be the company you can count on to support your own business. How do we succeed? Through our value-added services and distribution capabilities. Here’s a quick look at how we go above and beyond:

  • Engineering support: Our work with you doesn’t begin and end with the simple sale of a tool. Instead, our specialists will visit your facility, review your machining processes, and suggest the appropriate sanding, blasting, or vibratory tool that fits your needs.
  • Preventative maintenance: Need a tool upgrade or repair? Our service department can provide you with the precise tool adjustments you need—which are completed either in house or in the field.
  • Vendor managed inventory: How do we take our services to the next level? By aiding in the management of your inventory. Our consigned inventory programs allow us to not only provide your stock, but to also help manage the inventory and support your staff.

We take pride in the value of our name and business, which propels us to offer many ancillary services to our customers. It is essential that we are hands on with our customers and provide the highest level of services. Here at USP, the services always have an extra value!

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