USP: Keeping your Workers and your Facilities Safe

What could be more important in manufacturing and in your facilities than the safety of your workers? With many federal regulations and a variety of OSHA standards, safety in the workplace should be a high priority. Specifically, the general industry standards cover safety issues ranging from hazard communications to occupational noise exposure, respiratory protection to personal protective equipment and proper equipment safety.
Many companies and manufacturers used to have their own on-site safety professionals who would guide them on staying compliant with the latest standards. However, when the recession hit, these safety departments were severely impacted due to many companies downsizing. As a result, companies and manufacturers have looked elsewhere for safety consultation and assistance. In steps our own safety program—we have the capabilities and staff to help you keep your workers and facilities safe.
What are some of the safety issues we help with?

  • Heat protection.
  • Prevention of foot injuries.
  • Wearing the proper safety equipment and clothing.
  • Prevention of eye injuries.
  • Hearing loss issues and hearing protection.
  • Proper ventilation and respiration (in order to protect breathing and the lungs).

Our safety program can be used on an on-call basis. We have safety specialists on call whom we will send to your facility, either on an as needed basis or for routine visits. Our specialists are available to aid on safety compliance issues and consult on higher safety equipment. Let us help keep your workers and facilities safe!

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