Upgrade your Air Tools with USP’s Service Department

Does your company need air tool or pneumatic tool upgrades? Do you not have the appropriate engineering resources to handle these repairs? This is where United Surface Prep’s service department can step in. For the past 25 years, we have handled the outsourcing of tool upgrades, specifically for air tools and pneumatic tools.Grinder
What types of equipment can we repair and rebuild? Specifically, we can upgrade and repair any tools used for surface preparation applications, including sanders, grinders, pneumatic nailers, air wrenches, electric tools, and airline connection tools. Additionally, we have the expertise to offer onsite repairs as well, on equipment such as large plasma machines. What types of services and repairs do we offer? Our repairing experience varies from small repairs to complete rebuilds. For example, we can provide light repairs, such as a small restoration if a tool’s housing has cracked. Is your tool’s damage more severe? We can handle that too—our service department and engineers have the proper capabilities to break a tool down to its bare skeleton and completely rebuild them as new.
How does this work? Send us your tools and we will have a look at them, make the proper adjustments and maintenance, and ship the tools back to you. Take advantage of these value-added services we are proud to offer. There’s no reason to spend high costs on new tooling—let us make your current tools work like new!

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