United Surface Prep is Right at Home on Land or at Sea

You might not think of boats when you think of United Surface Prep but you should! We work closely with the marine industry by providing the equipment they need to keep boats of all sizes in pristine condition.
Although we are not located on a coast, we serve the Great Lake areas where recreational boating is a major industry. The Green Bay area is also home to a number of naval contractors who prepare ships before they ‘ship out’ on a great adventure. For seaworthiness, all boats and ships must be prepared for their time in the water. That is why proper preparation, maintenance, and the right products are so important.
Routine maintenance includes thoroughly inspecting the hull of the boat for blisters, distortions, and cracks. If any of these defects are present, they must be addressed before heading out to the waters. Using the right abrasive material and equipment is key to getting the job done right. We offer a wide range of surface conditioning abrasives, marine adhesives, sealants, and compounds, and marine black streak remover to improve and protect the hull. Our abrasives are suitable for use on both wood and fiberglass. In new molded fiberglass applications, we supply sanding and polishing equipment to OEMs for all finishing applications.
If the paint is in good condition, only a light sanding might be necessary before applying a fresh coat of paint. Unfortunately, many boatyards prohibit normal power sanding because it generates too much dust. We have addressed this issue and offer a new dustless sanding system. This technology protects residents and the environment from toxins by containing 100% of the dust generated through sanding. This has been a long term problem and our customers are very happy to have an outstanding solution.
There’s an old saying that boats are holes in the water you dump money into. While boats do require regular maintenance and repair, United Surface Prep provides high-quality and high-value products that will help you get the job done right. Contact us today to learn more about products that help the marine industry stay afloat

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