Supplier Spotlight: Dynabrade Accelerates Abrasives Innovation for Over 50 Years

Supplier Spotlight: Dynabrade Accelerates Abrasives Innovation for Over 50 Years

We work with the best manufacturers in the business, and for good reason. You deserve the best tooling and abrasive solutions for your business needs. This month, we explore Dynabrade® and their wide selection of total system solutions.

Choose Dynabrade for American-Made Tools and Reduced Process Time

Choose Dynabrade for American-Made Tools and Reduced Process Time
Source: Dynabrade

In 1969, Dynabrade® started out as a small abrasive manufacturer in Tonawanda, New York. The development of their time-saving Dynafile® Abrasive Belt Tool made filing and sanding hard surfaces in tight spaces faster and more reliable.

From there, Dynabrade® founder Walter Welsch examined the needs of his customers and went on to expand on the company’s offerings. What resulted was an unwavering dedication to the research and development of some of the world’s finest abrasive and tooling technologies.

Today, they are a global pneumatic abrasive power tool manufacturer serving the needs of professionals in aerospace and defense, automotive aftermarket, marine, welding and metalworking, wind energy and woodworking. Though they’ve grown from their humble roots, they continue the tradition of listening and observing their customers’ needs to find solutions for continuous optimization.

Explore all of Dynabrade’s product categories:

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As a Dynabrade® distributor, we have access to manufacturer resources such as operations and optimization assessments, cost savings programs, and specialized trainings that ensure you get the right tools and solutions that save time and money.

Dynabrade® Dynafile® Abrasive Belt Tools

For grinding, deburring, blending and finishing applications, the Dynafile® line of abrasive belt tools from Dynabrade® delivers reliable results in hard-to-reach areas. Let’s explore some of their top-rated solutions for working in tight spaces.

Featured Products

Dynafile® Abrasive Belt Tool

The original air-powered belt tool can effectively file, sand and grind in areas as small as 3/8” diameter.

Dynafile® II Abrasive Belt Tool

The low-profile and lightweight version of the Dynafile® offers comfortable handling ideal for working in tight places.

Dynafile® III Abrasive Belt Tool

Powerful and versatile, the Dynafile III offers faster material removal and improved operator comfort and dexterity.

Learn more about the Dynafile line of products here.

We’re proud to partner with Dynabrade® and other top-rated manufacturers for all of your surface preparation needs including robotic automation solutions, power tools, clean air solutions, abrasives, grinders, sanders and finishing products. Give United Surface Preparation a call at 800-322-1413 to learn more about the custom products we carry to help you work more efficiently and more profitably today.

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