Get Ready for Spring Cleaning With These Supplies and Tips

It’s hard to believe it’s already spring, and that means it’s time to take stock of your supplies and get to work cleaning your facility! Spring cleaning isn’t just a time to get your home in order, it’s also the perfect time to perform regular maintenance, repairs, and inspections on the plant floor.
Top MRO Cleaning Supplies

Floor Cleaning Product
Twister Floor Conditioner

Maintenance, Repair, and Operations professionals (MROs) will probably need to stock up on supplies like dust and spray filters. These products aren’t usually top of mind, but they are critical in keeping facilities clean and healthy. If you find your allergies acting up indoors, you may need to replace your air filters.
MROs should also consider switching out their buffing pads to produce the cleanest surfaces. Frequent use will not only trap dirt and particles in old buffing pads, it will cause the pads themselves to become worn and ineffective. Now’s the perfect time to order a new supply.
Concrete Cleaning Supplies                                                                         
Spring is the perfect time to refresh floors and concrete structures with a thorough cleaning and conditioning.
Ameripolish’s multi-purpose rejuvenating cleaner  will get your concrete floors shining like new. You can also try Twister Floor Conditioner along with new HTC Twister Pads to buff out rough patches and get a deep clean. The Twister Pads have an abrasive surface to eliminate hard-to-reach grime.
Service Inspections
Regular service inspections and preventative maintenance plans are vital to ensure machines and facilities are running smoothly. Without regular maintenance and inspections, little problems from wear and tear can easily grow. Over time, this can slow down or even halt operations.
All it takes is one malfunction to derail your whole process. Get ahead of any issues by incorporating inspections into your spring cleaning plans. This is the perfect time to replace rusty bolts or valves, and check on productivity benchmarks for your machines.
While we have outlined a few recommendations on how to get your spring cleaning started, there are many more ways to get your facility prepped now that the seasons are changing. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your product needs, feel free to call 1-800-322-1413.

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