RPB® Safety Nova 3 Blasting Respirators: Built by Experts, For Experts

Protection for life’s best moments. 

For over 40 years, this has been the mission behind every piece of respiratory equipment that RPB® Safety has designed for the modern worker. Their roots in industrial blasting run deep and they know the dangers associated with ineffective or uncomfortable safety gear. Using customer input to guide decision-making, their team of expert engineers have created respiratory equipment that workers will want to wear — helping them work safer and more productively.  

The engineers at RPB® Safety also know time is money, and workers are less apt to wear safety gear if it’s cumbersome or uncomfortable. So, RPB® invested resources to monitor how their respirators perform and the resulting production hours with usage. Their blasting helmets and respirators have a proven time savings of: 

  • 48 minutes per day 
  • 4 hours per week 
  • 16 hours per month 
  • 24 days per year 

 Here’s what one of their end-users had to say: 

“Our production speed has sped up tremendously. It is worth buying this helmet for the tear-off system alone. The comfort level of this helmet also far surpasses the others on the market. It cools and heats very well also. You do not have to come out of this helmet every five minutes to do something to it or change something on it. No one at the shop minds throwing on the Nova.” 

—Shawn Clark, Worthington Monuments, TX 

Check out the full customer success story. 

We carry a full line of RPB® Safety products meant to keep your workers safe and comfortable, without slowing them down. Call or email United Surface Preparation to learn how we can help you identify the right respirators and abrasive blasting safety equipment for your needs.  

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Blast Better with RPB® Safety Respirators for Abrasive Blasting

Together, United Surface Preparation and RPB® Safety promote higher levels of worker safety with personal protective equipment designed to help you work safely and productively. If you have any questions about a specific blasting application and not sure what PPE is best, we are here with expert advice and solutions.  

Get to know RPB® Safety. Watch now: Nova 3 | World’s Most Comfortable Blasting Respirator | RPB Safety 



RPB® NOVA 3® Climate Control Helmet 

The NOVA 3 was designed to offer comfort and protection to help you blast better and boost productivity. Because of its streamlined design, the center of gravity is low for optimum balance that eliminates top-heaviness. When used with RPB® Safety S100 Ear Plugs it exceeds AS/NZS requirements and comes with NRR rating of 33 dB for noise reduction. Meets or exceeds:  

  • NIOSH Certified 
  • CE Certified 
  • ANSI Z87.1 High Velocity Impact 
  • ANSI Z89.1 Hard Hat Protection 


RPB® T-Link® 

The RPB® T-Link® painting respirator allows you to move, see and feel as you normally would while not sacrificing range of motion or safety. This respirator was designed to work with you, not against you. Fitted with a padded headliner and head suspension system, the helmet’s weight is evenly distributed. It will transform how you work, advancing your safety and increasing productivity. Features include:  

  • Fully adjustable air flow and distribution to suit personal preferences 
  • Adjustable ratchet system 
  • Breathing tube swivels to eliminate tangles 
  • Optional ANSI Z87 approved safety lens 
  • All parts can be purchased individually for ease of maintenance and servicing 

Please call 800-322-1413 or email sales@unitedsurfprep.com to order.

 RPB® Z-Link® 

The RPB® Z-Link® is the most versatile respiratory protection available. Offering numerous configurations, you can wear it your way by adding, changing or removing features as you need. Exceptional comfort is assured with the helmet’s padding system that supports even weight distribution, eliminating pressure points and aches and strains to reduce the effects of fatigue. Features include:  

  • Large, optically clear, grinding visor with Z87+ certified eye protection 
  • APF of greater than 1000 
  • Choice of two cape options and three cap materials 
  • Polystyrene top liner for impact absorption 
  • Compatible with supplied air or powered air 

 Speak to a United Surface Preparation expert now to learn more.  

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We partner with RPB® Safety and other top-rated manufacturers for all your surface preparation needs including respirators, protective capes, helmets and more. Give United Surface Preparation a call at 800-322-1413 or email sales@unitedsurfprep.com to learn more about the custom products we carry to help you work more efficiently and more profitably today. 


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