Renting and Leasing Programs Will Provide You with the Right Equipment at the Right Time

As a leading distributor of industrial abrasive products and equipment, we work with customers in many different industries. From large manufacturers to small job shops, our supplies are used in projects regarding floor grinding, polishing, blasting, and much more. The nature of some projects requires our rental services. Recently we have expanded our fleet to include additional pieces of equipment available for renting and leasing.  Here are key reasons you may want to consider renting or leasing with us for your next abrasive application.
Benefits of Renting Equipment with United Surface Prep

  • For customers who need a piece of equipment for a short period of time, our rental program is perfect
    If a customer has a machine that is not working and out for repair, United Surface Preparation will deliver a rental machine to keep production running on schedule. This prevents our customers from having to purchasing a new machine without available funds or in a hasty decision.
  • Rentals let you try before you buy
    By renting equipment from us, customers get a feel for the quality of our equipment and see the benefits of the machine. It is a good way to try out and test equipment before making an investment in it. We often see rental customers coming in and want to purchase the machines they have rented!

Benefits of Leasing Equipment

  • Monthly Payments Instead of One Lump Sum
    If a customer has chosen a new piece of equipment or machine but doesn’t have the budget to purchase it outright, leasing offers an affordable way to incorporate new equipment at a more manageable cost.  Often times buying a new machine isn’t in the foreseen future and companies are forced into making a purchase once their equipment runs down. Paying out one large sum to purchase a machine can become a burden on them. Leasing makes buying a new machine a lot more affordable.
  • Options to Buy
    Leasing options cover 2-5 years of monthly payments with an option to purchase the machine at the end of the term.
  • Possible Tax Deduction
    Leasing, in most cases, can be used as a tax deduction for businesses which makes the machinery even more affordable.

At United Surface Preparation, we offer many ways to add equipment to your operation. Whether it is through a rental or leasing program, we will be able to get you the right machine for the price. Contact us to learn about our top-quality equipment and how you can receive immediate delivery.

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