On-Site Service Helps Keep Production Humming

Every manufacturer knows that keeping machinery in top working order is critical for achieving maximum throughput and minimizing costly production downtime. When in-house resources are stretched thin and you no longer have the capacity to keep your fabrication equipment in working order, did you know that United Surface Preparation’s field service team is on-call to service and repair your finishing equipment? Everything you need, from emergency repairs to preventative maintenance, can be accomplished by our expert technicians.
Equipment servicingFrom simple quick-fixes to complex refurbishments, we partner with your maintenance staff to troubleshoot, repair, and upgrade your equipment until it is running like new. We make rapid assessments of the equipment status, and then provide you with a comprehensive report listing recommended predictive/preventive maintenance and repair options. Have an emergency? Our qualified service technicians can perform on-site repairs, or remove and replace damaged components with parts from our well-stocked inventory. Rest assured, our highly coordinated efforts will get your blasting or finishing machine up and running in the shortest possible time.
And our capabilities don’t end there! Do you have a machine that could benefit from a little tweak of modern technology? Let us evaluate it to determine if a refurbishment is in order. We can disassemble, clean, upgrade, and modernize the equipment, then reassemble it at your plant in any location. In fact, we just completed such a project for one of our good customers who was expanding and needed the equipment moved to a different location.
In today’s economy, when maintenance resources are stretched, budgets are tight, and deadlines even tighter, having “well-oiled machines” is critical to keeping production profitable. Think United Surface Prep if you want to take the headache out of finishing equipment maintenance!

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