Metzger McGuire Spal-Pro Stabilizer Application

We had the opportunity to work with a company in Brooklyn Park, MN who was experiencing stabilization problems with their concrete. the instability of the concrete was becoming a nuisance and safety hazard for forklift drivers and other personnel in the building.

With the help of Metzger McGuire’s Spal-Pro Stabilizer, the crew was able to drill and fill in 250+ holes. After a few minutes the Spal-Pro Stabilizer was set. From there, the extruding foam was scraped off and removed from the floor. Within an hour, the floor was ready to be driven on with fork lifts once again.

To watch a video on the application of the Spal-Pro, click here.
There are many advantages to using Spal-Pro Stabilizer for scenarios such as this including:

  • Spal-Pro Stabilizer has a high shore hardness and compressive strength for optimum support of slabs-under-load.
  • Spal-Pro Stabilizer is a rapid-setting material which enables an early return of traffic to distressed slabs.
  • Spal-Pro Stabilizer has a low viscosity to allow for easier injection and better penetration into narrow voids below slab.

To learn more about this project or the many advantages of using Metzger McGuire’s Spal-Pro Stabilizer, feel free to contact us.

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