Making Concrete Floors Shine with Beauty and Durability

As a mainstream flooring option, concrete enhances the design and architecture of a stylish space. Today, concrete floors are commonly found in retail spaces, as well as art galleries and private homes. Concrete’s durability is well known—sidewalks and garage floors withstand the elements and last for years. But, plain concrete isn’t very attractive and no one wants to live with a rough, grey garage floor underfoot. With polishing, concrete can be transformed from an ugly utilitarian option to a beautiful, fashionable flooring material that combines form and function.
Many large retail establishments have been turning to polished concrete when updating their stores. By removing worn tiles and polishing the concrete underneath, a whole new look is achieved. Company logos can be installed directly in the floor for a custom design. The beauty of a polished concrete floor along with its durable, hard-wearing surface combines to form an updated and modern look. And, by using the materials already in place, polishing is a sustainable green solution, which is always something to be mindful of.
Concrete floors are blank canvases that can be changed into beautiful and original designs. In buildings with existing concrete floors, polishing enables the flooring to be turned into a design feature. Using dyes and stains, that dull grey slab becomes a design element. If there are cracks in the concrete, don’t worry: joint fillers are used to repair cracks and the finished floor will appear smooth and shiny. These floors feature lower maintenance and will last for 20 years.
On April 3rdand 4th, 2013 we are offering a seminar for contractors to learn about the process, equipment, and new products in concrete floor polishing. Please feel free to contact Mike Heintz with any questions at or 763-315-6730.

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