Introducing the 3M Performance Industrial Spray Gun: Out with the Old, In with the New

Industrial painters, a smarter spray gun is here.

You have a lot on your plate; worrying about your spray gun’s performance should be the last thing on your mind. Painting and maintaining technical and heavy-duty equipment, industrial factories or agricultural facilities requires you to be efficient, flexible and ready to adapt to any paint application task. Fortunately, 3M™ answered the call.

For industrial coating applications, 3M introduces the Performance Industrial Spray Gun for better productivity and less process variability for both bulk feed from a pressure pot or tank and gravity-feed applications. This spray gun is ideal in a variety of applications including industrial, transit, construction machinery, woodworking, aerospace and farm equipment.

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3 Benefits of the 3M Performance Industrial Spray Gun

The 3M Performance Industrial Spray Gun is available in a kit that includes the spray gun, whip hose assembly, regulator and pressure gauge, replacement locking ring, and assortment nozzles for both bulk feed and gravity-feed applications. PPS is also included with the hard cup, as well as replacement liners and caps and collars. The system allows you to quickly convert between a pressure-fed whip hose and the 3M PPS Series 2.0 spray cup system. The 3M Performance Industrial Spray Gun kit offers industrial painters the following benefits:

Wide Range of Coatings

In addition to the PPS Series, the lightweight and durable spray gun has replaceable atomizing heads that range in size from 1.1 to 1.8 to spray a variety of coatings for the most task versatility. Paint technicians can perform a full range of coating and spraying activities including:

  1. Paints
  2. Stains
  3. Primers
  4. Basecoats
  5. Topcoats
  6. Clearcoats
  7. Epoxies
  8. Adhesives

Smarter and Faster Cleanup

The 3M Performance Industrial Spray Gun is low maintenance and simple to use. Its intuitive design makes it easy for both experienced painters and the novice to maintain or rebuild. In addition, it’s simple design and quick-change atomizing heads never allow paint to flow through the main body, making clean-up a breeze and providing like-new spray performance every time. Just pop off the pressure nozzle, wipe down the needle and move on to the next task.

Better Regulatory Compliance

Most industries generate waste of some sort, especially in painting and coating applications. For most companies, the volume of hazardous waste they generate has a direct impact on their reputation and profit as well as compliance with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). With some spray guns, you can’t remove the cap or nozzle to clean, requiring the end-user to use more spray gun cleaner throughout the gun — resulting in more waste. For companies who want to remain a small quantity generator, the replaceable nozzles on the 3M Performance Industrial Spray Gun prevents paint from ever passing through the body of the spray gun for quicker cleanup and less waste. View Tech Specification Data Sheet here.

See the 3M™ Performance Industrial Spray Gun in action!

United Surface Preparation is proud to partner with 3M™ to bring you the latest painting and coating technology. If you have questions on the Performance Industrial Spray Gun Kit or would like further assistance, please call 800-322-1413 to speak with our knowledgeable product experts.

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