How To Make Blasting Oil Field Equipment Faster And Easier

One of the most critical areas of focus within the oil industry, these days is efficiency. As prices go down and competition goes up companies can’t afford downtime or extra-long maintenance.
At the same time, oil ranges have important equipment that must be routinely cleaned to prevent corrosion and ensure proper functioning. About every six years, this equipment must be dismantled, and then blasted, recoated, and repainted.
Out in the field, this takes time—often multiple days, which eats into the productivity schedule. At the same time, this blasting is done outside in the elements where it’s cold and the environment is unforgiving. In the end, it’s a painstaking job.
However, there is an alternative. At United Surface Prep, we provide equipment that caters to the oil industry’s needs. Our machines take care of the blasting and coating, providing solutions for rig sections, derricks, and other equipment that requires blasting, rust removal, and other maintenance needs.
It’s fully automated, and perhaps best of all, is an efficient cleaning process that can be completed promptly. One of these machines can finish a section in only three hours, getting equipment back up and running in a fraction of the time.
How does it work? Our equipment reclaims and reuses the abrasive over and over, making it cleaner and more efficient. In the end, you’re left with a job that’s both environmentally safer and significantly faster than previous methods. Using state-of-the-art machinery from renowned companies such as Wheelabrator, oil fields around the country, from the Bakken shales to Barnett, Marcellus to Eagle Ford, can increase efficiency and productivity.
In these highly competitive times, anything that saves time and money is a smart investment.

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