How Industrial Companies Can Conserve Water through Wastewater Recycling

All businesses have a common goal of savings – whether that’s saving time, saving money, or saving other resources. Conserving water is one such objective that serves two purposes, since it benefits the company and the environment.
For companies that machine parts, a lot of water is used throughout the process as these parts are tumbled, deburred, and finished. Once complete, the water typically gets relegated to waste. However, there are ways of cleaning and reusing the wastewater, thereby reducing the amount of fresh water needed.
Centrifuge systems are often used for water recycling. After parts have been mass finished, the water used during the process becomes contaminated with material from the metals and abrasive media. Oil and particulate matter may be present, which can harm the environment if not properly handled.
Using a centrifugal water recycling system, the solid particles are separated from the water through the spinning force of the system, which causes denser materials to clump together.  This results in a clean water/compound mixture that can be reused for processing parts.
These types of water recycling systems can actually reduce fresh water and compound consumption by about 98% – which is substantial. Sludge disposal is also made easier since there is less liquid waste. Before these systems were put into place, water systems were getting clogged from the tumbling media creating sludge in the drain pipes. Centrifugal water recycling systems combat this issue.zm_zentrifuge-05.jpg
There are a number of water recycling systems to choose from depending on the application and types of materials that will need to be cleaned from the water. The brand name we trust and carry is Walther Trowal, a company that has specialized in manufacturing surface technology equipment since 1931. To see their centrifuge systems fully explained, watch this video.
United Surface Preparation can work with manufacturing companies to find the right solution for their needs. We’ve worked with a diverse set of shops in the past, and look forward to helping you find a system that works for your facility and application.
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