Facility Cleaning Starts on the Floors

If you think about it, what part of your facility takes the biggest beating, in terms of dirtiness and debris? Next time you’re in your facility, take a look down at your floors.
In any given plant, it is essential to keep floors clean, for both sanitary and safety reasons. Whether the facility is a manufacturing plant, school, retail location, or warehouse, its floors need to be kept free of dirt and oils. Typically, plants have maintenance staff who are in charge of keeping the facilities, especially, the floors clean and safe. In order to do so, they need the proper floor cleaning equipment and supplies. That is where distributors of MRO (maintenance, repair, and operations) products, like us, step in.
Floor cleaning systemA variety of sanitary maintenance products can be used for floor cleaning, including mops, trash cans, brushes, and floor scrubbing products. With the importance of keeping floors scrubbed, cleaned, and free of debris high, you want to ensure you choose the perfect product for your floor application. As distributors of Carlisle MRO products, we would personally recommend using brushes for the scrubbing of floors and the daily cleaning of concrete floors, as they are more economical and cost-effective. Using their brushes specifically, one brush is equal to the use of 200 floor pads instead. Depending on your specific application, there will also be a brush for your needs, whether it is a daily cleaning brush, a stripping brush, or a brush for concrete floor care. Why not try brushing your way to cleaner floors and better worker and customer safety!

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