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Empire Pro-Finish Blast Cabinets (Pressure vs Suction): Which is Best for Your Automated Blasting?

Empire Abrasive Equipment launched the Pro-Finish cabinet line in 1983 and has continued to adapt and innovate new sizes and configurations to meet your needs. If you are currently cleaning with chemicals, acid etching, dipping, liquid honing, wire brushing, sanding, deburring, grinding or peening in your metal finishing operations, Pro-Finish is your solution. Pro-Finish Blast Cabinets can increase production, improve surface quality and eliminate environmental concerns common with chemical finishing.

Designed for non-stop blasting, Pro-Finish Blast Cabinets allow you to vary air pressures to perform tasks like:

  1. Blending surface flaws
  2. Removing foreign matter like carbon without impacting tolerances
  3. Cleaning, peening, deburring, etching and more

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Why Choose an Empire Pro-Finish Blast Cabinet Over the Competition?

Unlike other blast cabinets, Empire Pro-Finish Blast Cabinets have been designed for safety, ease of use, maintenance and increased performance. These are just a few of the benefits of Empire’s Pro-Finish:

  • Prolonged fan and dust collector life with strategically placed blower
  • Reduced media loss and operating costs with tunable reclaimer
  • Improved visibility and reduced dust buildup with Kleensweep™ air stream
  • Improved operator comfort with ergonomic glove rings
  • Safer and more reliable operation with door safety switch and pneumatic controls
  • Extended service life and reduced leakage with double-panel door and self-adjusting latch
Blast Cabinet

When to Choose Pressure Blast Over Suction Blast Cabinets for Automated Blasting

Pro-Finish Blast Cabinets can be configured to a pressure blast or a suction blast system depending on your production needs. And they come in several different sizes and configurations so you can pick the system that’s right for you.

Pro-Finish Pressure Blast Cabinet

Pressure cabinets deliver blast media at higher velocities than suctions systems, allowing you to turn out more work faster. They perform jobs 4X as fast as suction systems. Don’t the initial costs scare you. While pressure blast cabinets may require a bigger initial investment, they are ideal for faster blast rates and more precise control of media at both low and high operating pressures.

Ideal for demanding tasks like:

  • Removing tight mill scale
  • Finishing hard-to-reach areas
  • Non-stop blasting

Pro-Finish Suction Blast Cabinets

When high volume isn’t your goal, Pro-Finish suction blast cabinets are your cost-effective solution. They are simple to use and while you won’t achieve the same high production rates that are possible with pressure blast cabinets, you will get constant blast action without having to stop for media refills. Want to eventually upgrade to a pressure blast, but not quite ready? Pro-Finish blast cabinets have a modular design that allows you to upgrade your suction system to pressure at any time.

Not sure what Pro-Finish Cabinet System is right for you? View this PDF to learn more.

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