Dust Collector Maintenance Tips

Dust Collector Maintenance Tips
The best in the abrasive industry, Ervin Industries, share their recommendations.
Ervin Industries has a well-known reputation of excellence in the abrasive and air blasting industries. They have recently begun sharing this knowledge through training seminars that they are hosting across the country. These seminars give customers the opportunity to diagnose problems in their operations, gain overall blasting knowledge, and bounce ideas off industry-experts as well as other companies.
One topic that may seem like common sense was emphasized in the training seminar: Dust Collector Maintenance. Ervin recognized that this has been a common occurring problem in blast operations and shared some crucial tips:

  1. Empty hopper regularly.
  2. Inspect Shaker Mechanisms,
  3. Check Drive for loose belts and correct direction,
  4. Examine dust levels. Dust on cell plate floor indicates leakage between dirty and clean side of the collector.
  5. Inspect for worn vent piping.
  6. Check manometer reading on a daily basis. Doing so will indicate a dust collector malfunction and notify that a shake-down or cleaning is required.

To help ensure these tasks are being done regularly and properly, it is important to have a maintenance schedule in place which can include tracking usage, repairs, running hours, etc. This allows for equipment to run at its peak performance at all times while helping eliminate costly downtime.  Altogether, the more data that is tracked the more likely preventative maintenance will occur opposed to emergency maintenance.
United Surface Preparation has in-house tool repair, traveling field technicians, and a large inventory of replacement parts to ensure your equipment stays in tip-top shape. Please contact us if you need help creating a maintenance schedule, your interested in preventative maintenance, or if you have any other inquiry regarding this topic.

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