Advantages of Automating Metal Finishing with Vibratory Equipment

Automation is helping businesses fire on all cylinders around the clock, which has been especially important during recent labor shortages. While robotics and automation have been on the manufacturing scene for quite some time, they previously only existed in large-scale operations. As technology becomes more affordable, it is more prominent in small to mid-size operations looking to improve productivity.  

Automated equipment can perform routine tasks allowing companies to place employees who used to do those tasks in more profit-generating roles. In some instances, automation can also reduce the frequency of errors and defects found in finished products, saving time and money.  

By automating some of your metal finishing applications, you can increase the consistency of the finished product — cutting down on rework and unnecessary waste. Automated solutions like digital platforms and robotics can:  

  • Lower lead times 
  • Improve cycle times 
  • Increase efficiency and consistency 
  • Collect data to use for decision making 
  • Enhance safety and reduce fatigue 
  • Improve environmental practices 

Additionally, because automation reduces the amount of routine and repetitive work, employees are at less risk of burnout or injuries due to fatigue or overexertion. Automation offers a solution that protects workers and improves efficiency on the production line.  

Did you know that the top 5 occupational injuries that occur every year are often caused by environmental and behavioral factors like these?  

  1. Contact with objects
  2. Overexertion 
  3. Repetitive motion 
  4. Contact from harmful substances
  5. Slips, trips and falls 

Concerned about your company’s productivity, safety and environmental footprint? Want to improve your mass finishing operations to be more efficient and effective? Below, we share two ways automation can improve your business today.  

For metal finishing work, some common types of automated equipment can include high-pressure water edge-breaking systems, blast cabinets, as well as grinders and polishers. But there are other jobs that automation can help with — namely, wastewater treatment and metal finishing operations. 

Better Way to Clean Process Water with Centrifuge and Flocculant Automation


Walther Trowal process water technology

When finishing metal components in mass quantities, the process water may have abraded materials from metal, abrasive media, oil and dissolved metal remaining. You certainly can’t pour that down the drain. Improper disposal of process water and waste can pose a significant impact on water sources, soil and the environment. For many companies, the disposal of process water is costly and complicated, especially as production volume increases.  

Walther Trowal is a global technology leader in mass finishing and has been since 1931. Their process water technology can reduce waste and help you save money while protecting the environment. The wastewater centrifuge can clean process water, removing solids and metals, leaving water and media that can then be reused or disposed of properly. The leftover sludge that results from the removed particles is separated from the wastewater for cost-effective disposal according to your local legal regulations.  

Walther Trowal centrifuge

Ask us about the different centrifuges we carry from Walther Trowal.  

For cleaned process water that does not contain pickling acids or dangerous compounds, the water can often be poured down the drain and into the sewage system. If the cleaned process water does contain those contaminants, additional measures must be considered for disposal. A flocculant must be used to further clean the process water before disposal.  

What is a flocculant unit?  

Walther Trowal flocculant unit

Flocculant units remove particles from suspension in process water in the form of “floc” or “flake.” Flocculation is an important process in industrial water treatment programs and can also help you save on disposal costs, by reducing the amount of actual waste discarded.  

Flocculant units are a common way to remove certain contaminants from process water. Not all particles are easily removed, however, so it’s important to talk to your United Surface Preparation representative or the equipment manufacturer about any potential limitations.  

Ask us about the different flocculant units we carry from Walther Trowal.  

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Better Way to Process Materials with Automated Vibratory Equipment


Walther Trowal automated vibratory bowls

If your metal finishing operations include deburring, rounding, pre-grinding or polishing materials, automated vibratory finishing equipment can be an efficient and cost-effective solution. Vibratory finishing equipment is ideal for performing numerous surface preparation tasks for a large number of small workpieces. Pellets of media are placed in the vibratory tumbler along with the workpiece. When the tumbler is activated, the vibrations cause the media to rub against the workpiece until they reach the desired finish.  

Walther Trowal offers versatile solutions for any metal finishing need — from small workpieces to large or sensitive workpieces — and carries a wide selection of circular vibratory finishers. Circular vibrators can be used as stand-alone units or as part of a fully automated production line.  

By using automated vibratory equipment in your metal-finishing operations, you can achieve high reproducibility and uniformity for improved processing.  

Ask us about the different vibratory finishing equipment we carry from Walther Trowal.

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