3 Simple Ways to Clean Concrete

At United Surface Prep, we are constantly hearing from customers looking for better ways to maintain and clean concrete floors. Many of them reach out to other cleaning companies for their concrete floors, hoping for “professional” results, only to find that a week or two later, the floors look dirty again and the residue was never fully removed. They’re left back where they began.
That’s because when it comes to cleaning concrete, you need experience with the material, as well as—and most importantly—the right tools.
Concrete is exceptionally low maintenance and costs about 20-25 cents per square foot each year to clean. Yet the above scenario occurs when an inexperienced cleaner is using the wrong cleaning tools.
Here’s how to simply and effectively clean your concrete:
1) The Right Machine:
You can’t clean concrete floors with the same machine used for other materials; your best bet is a scrubber with one or two heads that is specifically meant to polish and clean concrete.
2) The Right Product:
The product we recommend for concrete floors is Ameripolish. A concrete floor requires a product that has low pH or is pH neutral. Ameripolish cleaners are not only safely and effectively penetrate the stain and clean the floor, but they also have a stain repellant, protecting and guarding the floor against future stains.
3) The Right Pads:
Concrete floors should be maintained daily. We recommend the HTC Twister Pads with a revolutionary design that includes billions of microscopic diamonds. They clean and polish the floor without chemicals, making them ideal for daily routine maintenance, and very easy to use.
When you set aside two to three days to perform correct cleaning procedures with the right tools and maintain your floors daily, your concrete flooring will stay clean, in an affordable, easy way.

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